VCS+ & ACS+ Furnace Control Systems

Apr 6, 2020 | Latest News

VAS are extremely proud to have developed VCS+ & ACS+, a brand new vacuum furnace control system & atmosphere furnace control system.

VCS+ & ACS+ has been developed over a 9 month period with heat treatment specialists whom have in excess of 200 years of experience working on both vacuum & atmosphere furnaces.

Both VCS+ & ACS+ are fully compatible with all major manufacturers of PLC’s. With a vast experience of automation systems, our control system engineers are extremely adaptable to customer needs & requirements – finding a solution for the most complex systematic issues.

Our VCS+ & ACS+ control systems are bespoke systems that can be modified & amended to suit the needs of every customer & every user. At VAS, we understand that the furnace control system will be used for a vast number of processes, from general furnace operation to presenting & printing recipes, charts & production run alarms for quality departments. Both VCS+ & ACS+ are fully NADCAP compliant & can incorporate various features to assist our customers with NADCAP paperwork, processes & audits.

Proudly VAS have installed 14 vacuum furnace & atmosphere furnace control systems globally.
After releasing, VCS+ & ACS+ Version 2.0, VAS have seen an influx of interest & orders. The first system was manufactured & installed late last year, & VAS are currently manufacturing 3 systems for a customer within the aerospace industry.

Please Click Here for PDF Brochure – VCS+ & ACS+ Vacuum Furnace Control System & Atmosphere Furnace Control System

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